Geographica Transilvania


GEOGRAPHICA TRANSILVANIA SRL is a company founded in 2012 that provides services related to environmental protection. At the beginning we focused exclusively on environmental regulation, but in time, our offer was diversified, so now, by means of our collaborators and partners, we are able to provide integrated services, such as “environmental management” packages.
Environmental management
This type of services are designed for companies. Based on a monthly subscription, GEOGRAPHICA TRANSILVANIA SRL undertakes the entire environmental responsibility: obtaining environmental permits, agreements and authorizations, waste management records, taking the waste produced by your activity, implementation of plans and reports for environmental authorities, permanent monitoring of your activity, so it is carried out within the limits of legal provisions, performing analysis and determinations imposed by regulatory documents, and last but not least, representation in your dealings with environmental authorities. For this type of services, our premium client, is the group of companies POMPONIO, one of the leading manufacturers of concrete in Transylvania.
Environmental regulation
We offer consultancy in order to obtain: environmental permits and environmental authorizations. We prepare all the necessary documents and make the legal proceedings, to obtain the requested regulatory document.
Environmental studies
GEOGRAPHICA TRANSILVANIA SRL is certified by the Ministry of Environment as developer of environmental studies. We have the certificate of registration nr. 609/2014, under which we develop environmental reports, reports on the impact over the environment and studies of proper assessment.


Biodiversity monitoring
This type of services are for both entities that are managing natural protected areas and companies that operate in natural protected areas. With the help of our experts we can provide services related to the implementation of the measures established by the management plans of natural protected areas. We also have an expertise for biodiversity monitoring in accordance with the regulatory documents issued for infrastructure projects and industrial activities.
GEOGRAPHICA TRANSILVANIA SRL manages the internet platform of This web-site is a pilot project which aims to develop sustainable tourism in the central part of Trascău Mountains.


Aiud, str. Moților, nr. 76 jud. Alba, România
CUI 29895192, Nr. RC J1/198/2012
+40 745 606 472, +40 733 338 635